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Crescendo Club

What is the Crescendo Club?

The Crescendo Club is made up of dedicated SSO supporters who have committed to providing long-term, regular support. By signing up to donate at least $10 per month to the Sault Symphony, you'll join other music lovers in helping ensure the long-term viability of the SSO.

Why join the Crescendo Club?

The predictability provided by monthly donors makes it easier for the SSO to know how much income to expect month-to-month, and therefore makes it easier to plan future concerts and events and make the most of your contribution.

There are benefits for the donor as well! When you sign up for the Crescendo Club, you'll also receive:

  • quarterly impact statements, letting you know how much you've donated and how it has helped the SSO

  • advance access to tickets

  • special videos, when available, such as behind-the-scenes recordings of rehearsals, backstage videos at concerts, and interviews with SSO musicians

  • a special shoutout in our programs (unless you ask to remain anonymous)

On top of this, it's easy, flexible, and affordable. You sign up once, and your payment will come out automatically - for the amount you set and on the day you choose. No need to set yourself reminders about sending a cheque or going online.

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