#MusicianMonday - Ashley Bernardo

For this week’s #MusicianMonday, we’re spotlighting Ashley Bernardo!

Starting Young

Ashley has played violin for nearly as long as she can remember.

“At a young age, I was enrolled in Tiny Tots at the Algoma Conservatory of Music,” said Ashley. “This program exposed me to various instruments and that’s where my love for violin first began. It’s still my absolute favourite instrument!”

Ashley studied violin under SSO Concertmaster Anya Mallinger, which she says makes her “exceptionally fortunate.”

“Anya is a passionate, patient, and kind teacher, and I am blessed that she has been my mentor and great friend,” she said.

An Important Hobby

For Ashley, playing violin has always been her favourite hobby. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science in Biology from Laurentian University. Now, she’s a professor at Sault College, teaching a variety of science courses in such programs as nursing, pre-health sciences, and PSW.

“Between work and my two busy sons, finding time to practice can certainly be challenging,” added Ashley. “Playing violin is such a fantastic, positive outlet for me, so I make sure to find time to play as much as I can.”

Community and the Arts

Ashley began playing with the Sault Symphony in 1998, participating in as many concerts as possible since then.

“I am passionate about sharing music with our community and playing violin in Sault Symphony concerts has brought me great joy and pride,” said Ashley. “Our community is very appreciative of the tremendous musical talent in the twin Saults and surrounding areas.”

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