#MusicianMonday - Randall Karfonta

This week's #MusicianMonday, we're spotlighting one of our US players, Randall Karfonta.

A Legal Musician

Randall Karfonta is a French horn player with the Sault Symphony Orchestra, but like many of our players, he is not a full-time musician.

“I am a criminal defense and constitutional lawyer,” says Randall. “I have been an activist and am the founder of the Criminal Defense Lawyers of Michigan.”

Classical Connection

Randall’s first instrument was the cornet, which he started playing in fifth grade in Royal Oak, MI. He chose the instrument after hearing another student play a cornet solo in an earlier year. Randall moved to the French horn in seventh grade at his school’s request.

“Soon after that the group went to hear the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and they played Til Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks. I had no idea, but I was sold,” said Randall.

He had another moment of connection with music in the tenth grade when his orchestra teacher, Yehovik Kafavian, put Beethoven’s Overture to Egmont on his stand. Randall says that the Beethoven piece changed his life.

A Long Break

During law school, Randall had to put his playing on hold and ended up not playing his instrument for decades. He’s now been back to playing for 15 years and has played a recital, as a soloist with two orchestras, and chamber and orchestral music.

“My first concert with the Sault Symphony Orchestra, I had been playing for one year and when I walked into the packed Nutcracker auditorium, it was a thrill,” remembers Randall. “Some of my favourites with the SSO include Mozart Concertante, Beethoven Symphonies 3 and 7, and Brahms Symphony 4.”

Check out the video below with Randall walking us through the French horn!

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