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The Sault Symphony Orchestra is a leading provider of classical music in Sault Ste. Marie. We are a community-based orchestra dedicated to performing works from some of the greatest composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century periods.We are committed to creating musical experiences which engage, inspire and educate our community. Our goal is to make classical music accessible to everyone, regardless of age, experience or background. Come join us for a performance and enjoy the beauty of classical music.

Board of Directors


  • Chair -Dr. Lawrence Chong (acting chair)

  • Vice Chair- Jasmine Gassi

  • Past Chair - Louis St. Pierre

  • Treasurer- Dr. Kimlan Bell

  • Secretary - David Bean

Board Members:​​

  • Sharon Dick

  • Marc Dubreuil

  • Dr. Bruce Anderson

  • Brian Wilson


Orchestra Performers

Violin I:

  • Anya Mallinger, Concertmaster

  • Kim Bell

  • Ashley Bernardo

  • Dottie Case

  • Georgia Moore-McLeod

  • Nick Misener

  • Lorie Zenker

Violin II:

  • Erica Mancuso, Principal Second

  • Lee Carson

  • Elaina DiSanto

  • Catherine Evoy

  • Owen Goslin


  • Colin Germond, Principal Viola

  • Hamish Currie

  • Vince Feletti

  • Heather Stewart

  • Seth Knepper


  • Rebekka Fry, Principal Cello

  • Liz Bert

  • Bernadette Merritt

  • Mary Sammon


  • Martin Virta, Principal Bass

  • Sara Marshall


  • Karen Beacom


  • Rob Galbraith, Principal Flute

  • Sharon Dick

  • Sarah Morrison


  • David Bean, Principal Clarinet

  • Louise Cescon

  • BobbyLeigh Gasparelli


  • Angela Likiss Aleo, Principal Oboe

  • Jason McKinney


  • Barbara Finch


  • Jodi Bourcier



  • Tracy Texter, Principal Horn

  • Janis Ley

  • Laura Sanderson



  • Kait Tappenden

  • John Bracewell

  • Patience Sutton


  • Louis St. Pierre



  • Marc Dubreuil

  • Roman Peredun

Artistic Director: Stephen Mallinger

For over thirty years, Stephen Mallinger has been active in the musical life of Sault Ste. Marie. Most recently, he has been appointed Artistic Director of the Sault Symphony Orchestra. He is Organist and Choirmaster of St. Luke’s Cathedral, Music Director of the Algoma Festival Choir, piano instructor at Algoma Conservatory of Music and Algoma University. Recordings made on the Beckerath organs of St. Luke’s Cathedral, available on Apple Music, YouTube and Spotify, include Bach on Beckerath, Buxtehude on Beckerath, and Christmas on Beckerath. Educated at St. Michaels’ Choir School and the University of Western Ontario, he sang in the Choir of Lincoln Cathedral before relocating to Sault Ste. Marie. Married to violinist Anya Mallinger, they have five daughters and three grandchildren


Concertmaster: Anya Mallinger

As the daughter of pianist, William Aide, Anyaʼs childhood was filled with glorious music. Listening to many rehearsals with artists such as Otto Armin, Elizabeth Soderstrom and Peter Zazofsky , it was only natural to develop a passion for classical music. Early studies with Nancy Mathis led Anya to realize that her passion and her talent would lead to a career. Anya completed a BA in Performance from the University of Toronto and an MA in Performance from the University of Western Ontario, both under the tutelage of renowned violin pedagogue Lorand Fenyves. Further studies included participation in the Banff Centre for Fine Arts, Fall and Winter Residency programme where she was able to work with many outstanding artists, including James Campbell, Thomas Brandis and Menachim Pressler.

Anya was a member of Orchestra London, Canada early in her career. After a year in Lincoln, England, she moved to Sault Ste. Marie with her husband and family. She has been teaching there at the Algoma Conservatory of Music, and is concertmaster of the Sault Symphony. She regularly plays with her husband, pianist and organist Stephen Mallinger, and her father, William Aide. She has been a member of the Algoma String Quartet.

Anya and Stephen have five beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. Anya is also an avid runner and has completed several marathons. 

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