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Seniors Connect

The SSO has recently launched a program connecting SSO musicians with seniors in local long term care homes. The goal of the program is to share the joy of music and help the seniors who may be feeling the effects of ongoing isolation.

The seniors have loved connecting with the musicians. Bob (pictured) and Lily are two of the residents who have taken part, connecting with SSO violinist Ashley Bernardo.

Lily grew up in a musical family. Having recently lost her sight, she says that music is more important and meaningful to her now than ever. When she began crying during her call with Ashley, she assured everyone that they were "happy tears."

As Bob chatted with Ashley, he shared stories from his youth when he and his father would play piano and violin together at house parties. 

When staff shared Bob's experiences with his family, they were happy to hear about his call.

"Our mom will love this," said Bob's son Tom. "She worries so much about him and is thankful for his good days, the times he can get some enjoyment from activities, especially when they involve music."

"Dad was raving on about Ashley yesterday when I visited and how wonderfully she played," added Bob's daughter Mary Claire. "He really enjoyed it."


Right now, the program is running thanks to a grant provided by the City of Sault Ste. Marie, but we'd like to be able to keep the program running once the grant funds have been used.

To support the program and ensure we can keep Seniors Connect going, use the form on the left to donate.

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